Lisa’s solo exhibition, showcasing her latest seven-piece water lily collection, “Rainbow Connection,” is running now through February 2018 at the new Corporate Art Gallery at Johnson & Johnson World HQ, New Brunswick, NJ. J&J has been a long time supporter of the arts, and it is a great honor to be chosen to exhibit at their global headquarters.

Each painting in “Rainbow Connection” is limited to one color palette of ROYGBIV, an acronym for the colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. As a whole, the collection reflects endless hue combinations and Lisa’s deep inspiration of the natural world and its beauty.

“Rainbow Connection” is currently available to purchase as a collection in its entirety, and single images within the collection are available to purchase as a mixed-media original. For pricing and details, or to find out more about mixed-media originals, please contact the studio at 973-364-0280 or email