“Lisa’s work is luscious, masterful and full of life. She represents a handful of living artists I consider as ‘ones to watch’ and I always look forward to seeing what comes off her easel next.”

Pierre Henri Matisse (the grandson of Henri Matisse)

“The painting of Secretariat is the BEST painting I have ever seen of him. You are immensely talented.” Steve Haskin , esteemed American horse racing journalist and author

“You are one of my favorite American artists…everyone remarks how wonderful your art is when they come to our home in France.” – K. M., Paris, France

“This book (Lisa Palombo: American Impressionist) shows Palombo to be a master of oil painting on linen. Her luminous color vibrates across the surface of her flower, still life, and landscape paintings and sings from the shadows, as well. Her signature style—bold brushstrokes and vibrant color —expresses her joy at what she sees in nature; she delights in painting this so the viewer can share her experience. I am captivated by the rich textures and immediacy of her work.” – Nita Leland, Author, Teacher, Watercolorist, and Blogger (from Foreword of Lisa Palombo: American Impressionist)

“We love our custom painting, Ritmo de Reyes! The kids do too. We are grateful for your super talent, energy, time, patience and friendly disposition.” – T.C., New Jersey

“What a blessing that through your gift of painting you can bring joy to people and make the world a brighter, prettier place.” – K. F., Connecticut

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love our new painting! Thank you for all you did to help my husband. It took my breath away when I saw it hanging in our home! I’m so happy! I’ve wanted to reach out to you for years to pick something out and it’s even more special that my husband did all of this in his own and picked something he knew I would love! I get a fuzzy feeling every time I look at it! – A.N., New Jersey

When our COO retired, we needed a gift that was thoughtful and affordable. Lisa was amazing and helped us find a painting that matched the theme. “The Journey” was well received! Thank you, Lisa! – M.F., New Jersey

“Lisa Palombo is the ultimate business professional, and her artistic talent is outstanding. If you are looking for an investment that will not only increase in value but also provide your family with a lifetime of visual joy, I suggest you consider collecting her paintings. An investment sure to delight your senses as well as your bank account. I should know. I own several of her exquisite paintings.” – L. S., South Carolina

“I really like what she does. It’s unique, consistent, contemporary, bold, strong, all the good things… I would place her talent above most of the other artists…” – Juror for A Stroke Of Genius website

“Dear Lisa, What a pleasure it is to work with you and to represent your art. Your exhibit was a wonderful success!” – Director of Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT

“Ms. Palombo, I have had the privilege of visiting your website. Yours is, indeed, a singular talent that will one day, I am certain, place you among history’s greatest still life impressionists. Of all the Creator’s expressions, the unsurpassable elegance and indefinable beauty of wildflowers is what truly evoke and capture the spirit within us. It is quite evident from your oeuvre that the One who brought them into being, stood beside you in your garden, guiding you as to which of these divine images should be placed upon that most perfect of all mediums, Belgium Linen, so that in the centuries to come, all will know that it was you who was chosen to present a visual representation of God’s love for us.” – S.S., New Jersey